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Secret Admirer - Chapter 3

Pairing : Okajima, slight Yamachii

Genre : fluff , slight angst

Author : fruits_lover

Rating : PG

A/N : As usual, Please bear with my terrible english and wrong grammar. English not my native language.

Chapter 3Collapse )

Sorry for late update. m(_ _)m

I’m busy lately with a ton of assignment and the other stuff. *sigh

Hope you like this chapter. ^_^v
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Secret Admirer

Pairing : Okajima, slight Yamachii

Genre : fluff , slight angst

Rating : PG

A/N : it’s My first time I write a fic. Please bear with my terrible english. English not my native language.

Chapter 1

Keito sighed as he entered his class. He even not greeted his classmate. It’s not because he is bad mood or something. It’s just… nobody know that he even exist. He came or not, it’s not different. He walked slowly to his chair, suddenly someone bumped him from behind.

“Oouuchh… Gomen…” a brown haired boy (Keito knew him, He is Yamada Ryosuke, one of the famous boys in the school) rubbed his forehead.

“Ryosuke… Come back here…  Don’t ate my gyozaaaa…” A black boy haired boy came into class and run to Yamada.

"Catch me if you want your gyoza back, Yuri~~" Yamada sang make the black haired boy annoyed. “Uppps… better run off... Once again, gomen ne Okano-kun.”

‘My name is Okamoto’ he thought, but the brown haired boy is gone before he can say anything. Keito sighed -again- as he sit down Nothing change since he entered in high school. He still alone, alone, and alone. he wondered why. What different in Japan. In england, he have a lot of friend. But in Japan....

"Ohayou Minna..." a skinny tall boy entered to class with a cheerful voice.

"Ohayou Nakajima-kun..." just a second, he already surrounded by his classmate.

Keito knew him (of course, Keito knew name all of his classmate. They're the one who don't realize him). He is Nakajima Yuto, the other famous boys in the school. His presence always make a people around him cheerful as well.

Keito starred at him. In fact, he always starred at him, admired him. For Keito, Yuto like a sun in a day and like a star in a night. Yeah, he had a crush to Yuto. How he wish he can be with Yuto, stand beside him, laugh with him, shared a story and then they’re walk home together while intertwined their hands…
Keito shook his head. How can he dreaming Yuto like that ? ‘Impossible… I bet he even don’t know that I’m exist, like the others’


Keito sat in a rooftop while playing his guitar. He close his eyes, feeling a warm sunshine and a soft wind touches his face. In a few months, he used to be alone.

"Caught you !" a voice make him opened his eyes. He saw a boy that he admired take a picture of a bug with two his best friends in the backyard.

"Seriously Yuto... I dont know why you so obsessed to that thing." Yamada Ryosuke said while Chinen Yuri hid behind him.

"I'm not obsessed. I just like them. They're cute." Yuto defended himself." Look at this "

"Iyaadaaa... get away that thing from me." Chinen yelled while jumped into Yamada's back and hugged him tightly, almost cries.

"Mouu, Yuto... Don't do that... You know Yuri scared, right ?" Yamada sighed while hold Yuri in his back.

"No fun." Yuto pouted. "you animal hater."

"He isn't." Yamada defended Chinen. "he made friend as well with Cookie and Kuu."

"It's not because he like animal." Yuto smirked and Chinen blushed.

"Eeh ?" Yamada confused.

"Iyaa... Nandemonai Ryo-chan." Chinen glared at Yuto who just laughed at him.

Keito starred at him from rooftop. His smile, his laugh, his eyes... so innocent, like a little kid. Keito like everything about Yuto.

‘I'm like a stalker or secret admirer or whatever.’ Keito sighed fro a nth time today. ‘Just looking at him from a distance. But it's okay. I know I'll never have a chance with him’


 “Ehh… ?” Keito tried opened a gym door. “Don't tell me… It’s locked already ?” he panicked.

"Anoo... anyone there ?" He shouted "Help me. I'm locked here." He keep shouted for a half an hour before give up.

Keito leaned into wall while hugging his knee "Now, what should I do ?" he whispered. He grab his cellphone. "What are you thinking, Okamoto Keito ? You don't have a friend here. You baka." He scolded himself.


Somebody entered to a gym, kneeling beside him and hold his hand. Keito raise his head.

"Okamoto-kun ? Daijobu desu ka ?"


My first fic ever...

What I'm doing ? why continue ?
This is supposed to be oneshoot.
I'm a newbie after all.  -_-"

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